Participates Taiwan to design colorful startled London for the first time

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Participates Taiwan to design colorful startled London for the first time

[Central News Agency ╱ London on 26th special news] 2010.09.27 10:44 am
Taiwan creativity design shines in England London! By the modern indoor design well-known London design exhibition primarily, Taiwan participates for the first time, the union traditional culture and the modern science’s and technology’s unique design, makes the visitor startled colorful, commends highly, becomes this year the high human spirit national hall.
Brings the group participation Republic of China commercial general meeting article to create the industrial office market to develop Consultant Guo Zheng male, accepts Central News Agency reporter when the visit said that the article will create the industry to become Taiwan industry very important industry chain, the council for cultural affairs decided will create the industry the article to do is bigger, is broader, internationalize, the first station choice will participate in the very important London design exhibition (100% London Design).
Guo Zhengxiong said that Britain is the cultural creativity place of origin, this year many exhibitors take the country as the unit, Taiwan must stand this stage, lets the world see the Taiwan outstanding design and creativity ability, and shine in the international illumination.
In order to be different with other Western exhibitor, this year Taiwan hall take “the Eastern tone” as the subject, the participation 9 manufacturer covering life tableware, the family plays the part of the furniture, the colored glaze building materials, the situation decorative lighting, the newly creation design and so on, stressed that the humanities and the natural spiritual life manner and the values, integrate in the modern product and the life, the shape models “the new Eastern slow live principle” the life manner and the life affective tone.
London design exhibition exhibition venue Manager Mussey (Peter Massey) tells Central News Agency reporter, this year is the London design exhibition 16th year conducts, altogether has 16 national halls to bring the new creativity and the tendency. Taiwan 1st time participates exhilaratingly, what is very good will be Taiwan the different cultural influence belt will arrive at Britain, and the leading technical union tradition’s design, will let the visitor receive the inspiration.
Mussey said that many have visited Taiwan hall architect and the decorators tells him, saw very pleasantly surprised Taiwan designs the originality and foresightedness, “the Taiwan 1st participation, in not the big space, has presented the traditional culture and unfolds future research and the science and technology, this hall explained Taiwan will have the important influence in the future in the design”.
The London design exhibition Organizing unit elects the exhibitor, Taiwan manufacturer to undergo the third-order section examination strictly only then to be able to participate, receives the congress to recommend, designs Sweden which is famous and organizes a group to Taiwan hall visit, the scene visit human tide to be unceasing specially, Guo Zhengxiong said that “thus it can be seen Taiwan’s design very much has the strength”.
more than 40 including media and so on Wallpaper, Blueprint, Elle interview, the nearly 200 retail merchants, the architect and the decorator to Taiwan hall visit, are on the spot the high human spirit exhibition hall.
The corporation position receives the attention in the Hsinchu scientific and technical park’s positive peaceful electronic production’s situation lamp, sells Department Head Li Kezhong to tell Central News Agency reporter, “can participate in the London design exhibition, the significance is very significant, is researches and develops the team to the company the affirmation”.
Establishes an only 2 year positive peaceful company, last year participated after France the family played the part of the family exhibition, the success enters the French market, might have over ten thousand kind of color combination change situation lamp, already in Paris Louvre museum Museum Gift and souvenir department sales, also entered the German market smoothly.
Li Kezhong said that this time participates in London receives the very big order form, is British well-known situation lamp company Mathmos, this company also has the very strong circuit in the European area, “we hoped that this year can sneak in the British market, and in global blazon foothold”.
This year participates Taiwan Corporation and the product also include German Rui to reach the corporate design, by Tang grass totem design desk lamp, no matter the trace, the material quality and the shape are very special, lamp’s color may along with the time change.
Is composed “2 in August” by 2 young designers the corporate design coffee cup, on the cup has the regular reflection, drinks when the coffee may see nearby plate’s inverted image on the cup, is the sense of taste and visual dual enjoyments, scene many visitors holds appreciatively.
They also design are gnawed the eclipse the tray, transmits do not waste food the concept; Another group “the anti-war series”, the tank turns truncates the pencil machine, the shell turns the vase, the helmet turns the salad pot, the hand grenade changes saves money the tube, very provokes laughter.
Taiwan craft research institute research and development Wen Chuang brand “easy”, uses Taiwan most characterful bamboo material, the union craft and the design makes the unique bamboo chair, one is supports with 3 log bamboos, after above cuts open, with weaves the law to make a Taiwan chair randomly, has Taiwan primary taste also to have the modern design feeling.
The colored glaze Jinsui month company the building materials which does by the colored glaze, the doorknob engraver is careful, above the colored glaze brick has the spring, summer, fall and winter carving design, the noble gas is threatening, succeeds transfers the colored glaze the rich and powerful family building materials, also lets many construct business startled colorful.
Lucky and good company “cloth bag show series” tableware, by the humpbacked brother and the big stomach male modelling, designs the spiced salt pot, as soon as makes the person understanding to smile, also increases on dinner table’s pleasure.
Another group “Taiwan lives slowly” the series, Taiwan countryside’s picture will unify in the tableware, the water buffalo and the farmer minute sits in the dinner place one side, in after the plate puts in the cooking liquor, as if the water buffalo in the pond swims, has put the rice in the bowl, was similar to the farmer does farm work to have the achievement laboriously, what was ingenious, the water buffalo transferred to the table to be possible to become the chopsticks frame.


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